Benefit from the fast and holistic effect of Biomeditation on Viktor Philippi. Bioenergetic meditation, a highly effective method that naturally activates and strengthens the immune system, metabolism and nervous system, the three pillars of health, in a natural way. Healing on both the physical and mental and spiritual level are set in motion and the body is enabled to detoxify and then regenerate.

healthy thinking

Stress, pressure, inner dissatisfaction, vicious circle in the head, hamster wheel. Who does not know that. But how can we turn into a better side road on the fast ride on the highway of life, how can we get out of the hamster wheel and recharge our internal batteries?

“The way you think, the way you live”. But who thinks healthy, lives in gratitude, forgiveness, and acceptance, will not only become healthier, but can also guide his life into peaceful and happy ways for himself and others. With the Philippi method, you will learn to think healthier and to transform your vicious circle in your mind into the circle of angels.

stress reduction

Helps with overwork, lack of drive, stress and exhaustion. Gives vitality, self-assurance, energy and stability. Bring serenity, peace, joy and confidence.

Forest Bathing

Forest bathing (Shinrin Yoku – the Japanese therapy for inner peace, restful sleep and a strong immune system), practiced for over 20 years in Japan and now supported by numerous scientific studies, is an extremely remarkable form of preventive medicine