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The world of smoking

For millennia, people around the world have been smoking on important occasions in life to purify the environment, their homes and their minds.

Learn about the uses and effects of smoking with local plants and herbs, which you can either collect during a walk through the forest or meadows that you will find in your garden.

wild herb hike

Surrounding our nature resort Gerbehof, in the adjacent meadows and the forest we learn weeds and herbs know, smell and taste.

Our plant world has so much to offer – get to know the quick help along the way and the countless processing options for keeping healthy body, mind and soul.


The meditation walk according to the Philippi method is wellness for your soul. This form of meditation in the power source nature, brings a lot of peace and serenity and strengthens the physical health. Thanks to this new philosophy of life, we go on an inner journey of discovery and give our soul strength and inner peace to the spirit. The meditation walk with the help of healthy thinking, can help to overcome the hurdles of life that cause injury and disappointment better. Let yourself be inspired by the power of nature, your beauty. We look at the four elements, fire, water, earth and air from a whole new perspective. As we become more aware and alert to nature, we strengthen ourselves, empowering ourselves and our neighbors, and strengthening all of our senses.

forest bathing

Take a mindful walk through our forest, directly from our nature resort Gerbehof, the nature aware true. Feeling the earth and the leaves under your feet, the crackling and breaking of small branches on the way, the light falling through the treetops here and there, the chirping of the birds. Smell and taste the unmistakable scents of the forest, the earth, the plants and the wood. Take a deep and conscious breath and consciously absorb all this.