We are a member of “LandSelection – farms that inspire!” – What does that mean?

As a LandSelection member we belong to a small, fine handpicked selection of premium holiday farms in Europe, which are limited to 111 members. Whether country house, farm, farm or riding stable – each one offers the highest comfort but all are distinguished by uniqueness!

We stand for the following four values ​​that simultaneously represent our criteria:


We are more than hosts. We are pleasure givers. Our farms are family owned. The buildings tell stories. Our traditions live on. Side by side with new ideas.


No farm is like the other! We offer a unique holiday with ideas that nobody else promises. Because we are thinking. The special features are in the detail. In each!


Chattering calves covering potatoes with earth and catching children, tired but happy with pigs. Many know agriculture only from books. Our farms make them experienceable. Learn. For all senses. With heart and mind.


We reach for the stars – and bring them to our farms, country estates and farmhouses. Our claim is reflected in every room, on every plate and with every smile.

Learn more about our exceptional farm holiday on farms, which inspire and discovered here our other members under www.landselection.de

If you want to know more about the brand “LandSelection – farms that inspire!”, Click here: www.hoefediebegeistern.de